Corporate/Counsel/In House/Madison, Wisconsin

Company Name:
Corporate Legal Assistant General Counsel
The candidate provides effective legal services to the corporation, its subsidiaries and divisions to protect the corporation's rights and assets. Provides effective legal services to ensure compliance with applicable laws, regulations, and charter provisions which affect operations and policies. Provides effective legal representation, either personally or by retaining and supervising outside counsel, to the corporation. Provides the necessary legal services for litigation by and against the corporation. Represents the corporation in administrative forums and court on behalf of the corporation. Selects and supervises outside counsel who represent the corporation in litigation. Ensures effective communication and coordination between the corporation and outside counsel. Provides the necessary legal services to the corporation to help achieve its business plans. Drafts, reviews, and interprets corporation contracts including vendor agreements, documents for real estate transactions, and agents' agreements. Analyzes legal questions, conducts legal research, and advises all corporation divisions. Understands firm?s structure, corporate culture and business environment. Performs all necessary and required legal-oriented duties to assure compliance with applicable laws and regulations. Reviews and advises the corporation on proposed and current legislation and regulations. Secures and maintains necessary corporate licenses and registrations. Drafts and reviews legal documentation for financial and investment transactions. Reviews and advises the corporation on policy forms and rate filings. Should have an Admission to the State Bar in state where they are located or eligibility for admission to the Bar and obtaining admission within a year of hiring. Must have a Juris Doctor degree. Should have corporate legal experience, or 3+ years of experience.

Don't Be Fooled

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